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Network Utilities

DOS Utilities that manage Novell anf NT Networks and Windows Workstations

Is DOS dead? Not when it comes to managing windows workstations on Novell Netware and NT networks. DOS is still the command line operating system that runs under windows and gives you batch file capabilities. Even though these utils are DOS based, they can be run in your login scripts and startup groups to configure INI and BATCH files and distribute software to the workstations. Many of the DOS utilities are Windows aware and are written to make Windows management easier for the network administrators.

These programs are working evaluation copies of our software. They are only slightly crippled in that occasionally they come up with a screen that indicates that you are using an evaluation copy. Other than that, these programs are fully functional.

Our policy on evaluation software is that if you have a working copy, you can fully test it on your systems to see if it meets your needs. During the evaluation period you are welcome to call our technical support people. We do not ask for serial numbers or hassle you to buy anything. In fact, most of our technical support calls are people, like you, who are still evaluating our products. We realize that if we can get our software working on your system, you're likely to buy it.

We do not have a fixed time limit on the evaluation period because we realize that some organizations have a long purchasing cycle. However, it is expected that once you make the decision to use our software, that you should start the purchasing cycle.

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